Breakout 1

Endowments 101

Julia Frisbie – Room M1

What is an endowment? How do we fund an endowment? What are the restrictions and legal responsibilities surrounding endowments? You’ll leave this session with a detailed slide deck, a sample endowment charter, and lots of stories about best and not-so-best practices.

Enhancing Our Leadership Skillset: Listening

Brian Shiner – Youth Room

We all spend about 80% of each day communicating and approximately 50% of that time we spend listening, yet only 2% of the population has had any formal training in listening. Yet, we’ve watched entire congregations heal and find peace by learning to listen. In this breakout, we’ll touch on both the clinical and biblical models, to find new ways to practice using our ears and eyes as we listen.

Sister Church in Ukraine: International Missions

David Boan – Olivet Room

This workshop starts with presenting the rationale and benefits of a sister church as a model for missions. A panel that includes COTR’s mission team members, as well representatives for Global Ministries and One Collective. Participants will learn the principles behind a sister church relationship, the benefits of this model for all participants, and how to work with partners. This is the first of a two part breakout series to be followed up by Case Study: Sister Church in Uzghorod Ukraine.

Slides and Streams: Navigating Media For Your Church

Brennan Ballard and Austin Henken – Bishop’s Lounge

The goal of this breakout is to help participants identify and seek out the next level up for their sound and broadcast systems, whether that be in skill, knowledge, or equipment. We’ll talk through some basic setup and signal pathing, go over some accessible equipment and programs, and help you understand the bounds of your own system. We’ll end with some “play” time with COTR’s system to help visualize and diagnose commonly occurring problems.