Breakout 3

Enhancing Our Leadership Skillset: Listening

Brian Shiner – Youth Room

We all spend about 80% of each day communicating and approximately 50% of that time we spend listening, yet only 2% of the population has had any formal training in listening. Yet, we’ve watched entire congregations heal and find peace by learning to listen. In this breakout, we’ll touch on both the clinical and biblical models, to find new ways to practice using our ears and eyes as we listen.


Tod Bolsinger – Bishop’s Lounge

Further your leadership skills in this followup workshop to Tod Bolsinger’s keynotes

Case Study: Sister Church in Ukraine

David Boan – Olivet Room

This session presents a case study of the Boise FUMC sister church relationship with Uzhhorod Methodist Church. We will have an online panel with our Ukrainian partners, including Pastor Vasyl Vuksta of Uzhhorod Methodist Church, Pastor Alla Vuksta of Kamyanitsa Methodist Church, Rev. Oleg, and Dr. Yulia Starodubets, and Doug Landro. You will learn from them how the sister church relationship has benefited their church, how it serves people displaced by the war in Ukraine, and the particular importance of engaging with Ukraine churches at this critical time.

Authentic Worship

Naki Whittaker, Alex Street, and David Johnson – Room M1

Experience and consider new ways to enhance the design of your worship experiences.